5 Loyal Nanny Dogs Taking Care of Babies

nanny dogs

photo: YouTube: Ziggy Trixx

Adorably Loyal Nanny Dogs Show Off Their Babysitting Skills

What’s more heartwarming than a dog taking care of a baby? We think of dogs as part of our family, and sometimes they go above and beyond in that regard. For instance, check out these loyal nanny dogs taking care of babies like it’s their job. Adorable.

With patience galore, these furry babysitters adore their wiggly little charges just as much as they would their own puppies. Even if they don’t have hair.

1. This dog springs into action when the vacuum cleaner scares the baby.

2.  Loving dog gently rocks baby cradle

3. Swaddling master: Dog wraps napping baby in blanket. Simply Adorable!

4. Loving dog tucks boy into bed nightly.

5. Nanny dog in action.

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