Can’t Stop The Puppy Madness


photo: YouTube: CharlieTheBeagleAndLaura

New puppies can be quite a hand full.

Bringing a new puppy home can be pure madness. Thank goodness puppies are all kinds of adorable because having a puppy is some serious work and can cause a bit of frustration.  In this adorable video, Ollie the Beagle and Laura and adorable toddler are getting to know one another.

The video captures a couple of crazy weeks of puppyhood as this adorable pair got to know one another.  While Ollie looks to have torn the house to pieces and possibly drove the need for painkillers for headaches created by his puppy antics, he seems to have grabbed the love and attention of Laura his new playmate.

We especially love the second shot of Ollie being naughty and going right his bed as though nothing happened. It’s absolutely hilarious!