Rescue Dog Makes History by Flying Plane

rescue dog


This touching story features Shadow the Staffy-Collie mix, who is undoubtedly no ordinary dog. Shadow makes history by participating in an incredible program, "Dogs Might Fly."

Shadow was left abandoned by his previous owner, and with no one to care for him, he was scheduled to be put to sleep. A mere 22 hours before his life was supposed to end, Shadow was miraculously rescued. This dog’s competence and intelligence proved that he was, without a doubt, no ordinary rescue dog.

Shadow was extremely lucky, as he was chosen among thousands of other abandoned dogs to participate in the UK Program “Dogs Might Fly.” “We set out to show that dogs have extraordinary abilities, and flight was the ultimate test,” explained animal expert Charlotte Wilde. The goal of this program was to give dogs a second chance at life, and prove how incredible they are. This show recognizes that rescue dogs’ lives are worthy of saving.

This rescue dog blew minds as his intelligence shone brightly during flight school. He caught on to the task very quickly, and was extremely obedient to his trainers. The plane was designed to be dog-friendly by emitting various sounds that dogs could recognize and match to the corresponding button or control. Expert Victoria Stilwell expressed that they look for dogs who have the potential to “go the extra mile, to problem-solve and to investigate how to work something out for themselves.” Not only did Shadow fit the bill, but he exceeded expectations.

Throughout the duration of the 12-part series, Shadow was treated like royalty. When he wasn’t training, he was pampered and praised in a luxurious home. “They were treated like royalty,” says Stilwell. “They had the most delicious treats, their own groomer and 24-hour vet care.”

After completing training without a hitch, Shadow was ready to soar. He became the first dog to fly a plane on his own, completing a figure-eight circuit. Shadow the rescue dog captivated the hearts of many with his triumphant rescue and rise to the skies.