The Boundless Energy Of Vizslas


photo: YouTube: LP Stoj

Meet of the cutest, fastest, most playful breeds on the planet!

If you’re all about a good ol’ fashioned pajama-clad Netflix binge watching, then Vizslas might not be quite your speed. They’ve got boundless energy and a serious need to expel it.

Even though their temperament can be quiet and cuddly (they love to be right by your side!), the vizsla is a hound bred to be active. Originally hunting dogs, they like to be out in the forest, the field, or the water, and are especially agile and quick. Vizslas are popular companions for hunters, thanks to their loyal, protective nature and sharp senses.

In this adorable video, you’ll see this breed’s boundless the energy level.  We think you are hard pressed to find a cuter puppy than a Vizsla.