Adorable Pedaling Puppy Loves Bike Rides


photo: YouTube: PTI News Corporation

See what happens as this cute little puppy adorable goes on a bike ride with his owner.

There’s really something about dogs that just make our hearts burst, especially cute little puppies! Agree?!  This pint-sized pooch in the video below is no exception. The video shows a Husky puppy enjoying a bike ride with its human and doing its best to “contribute.” You’ll see this sweet puppy adorably pedaling with his cutie little paws.  His paws dangle mid-air while strapped into a harness attached to its human’s chest.  As his owner pedals the bike, the pups tiny legs move in pedaling motion.

AWW! This sweet little pup might think he’s doing all the work!  This is so cute!

Check out this awesome video!