Try Out Relaxing Sounds for Dogs

relaxing sounds for dogs

photo: OnePixel

Relaxing sounds for dogs can help canines of all ages wind down and rest for longer periods of time! Check out some helpful information here!

Looking for relaxing sounds for dogs to help your canine companion settle down? If your pup has trouble falling asleep at night or if loud noises such as fireworks stress out your pet, try out this collection of relaxing sounds to bring calm to your dog here.

Research conducted by Dr. Lori Kogan from the Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine looked into the effects of relaxing sounds for dogs in stressful environments. The behaviors of 117 shelter dogs exposed to classical music and heavy metal music were evaluated. The classical music helped calm the dogs exposed to it, while the heavy metal music had opposite results.

While researchers work to better understand what playing certain types of music can do for dogs, we do know that relaxing sounds and music do affect their physiological processes.